Below are some MP3 files of some of my most current musical creations. Unlike the Home page, they are set up to be downloaded rather than played. If you would rather hear the files than download them, click on the Home link. There you will find an embedded MP3 player to play back the MP3s.

MP3 Files

Click on track name to download:

post date title description
07.02.2014 Omega Manifesto Arpeggiated/LFO-based synth track.
07.02.2014 AmbiGroove-combo An electronic track that blends into another...
07.02.2014 Bemis-wide Groovin' wide stereo mixed track
07.02.2014 Burn Notice cue Inspired by the composer's style from the "Burn Notice" TV show.
07.02.2014 Cinematic A somewhat dramatic ambient groove track.
07.02.2014 Galaxy-wide Dreamy yet groove swing soundscape.
07.02.2014 Gargon-eq Another arpegiator based synth track
07.02.2014 Gravitar-3000 'Tracker' or 'chip music' style track inspired by the vintage Commodore 64 computer.